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“Bridgegap Solutions” as the name suggests is a firm providing innovative technologies & management solutions to bridge the gap in the industry & institution. Right from the design and development of ‘Mobile Apps’ to management of educational institutions with cutting edge solutions, the firm does energy optimization to designing of smart living solutions; today Bridgegap is playing a significant role in organization transformation.

The firm has entered into joint ventures and strategic tie-ups with specialized and reputed Companies. Bridgegap with its rich experience enables and ensures that these innovative solutions reach to the industry and institution creating a vital difference in their business results.

The product “Campus on Cloud” is the most innovative product enabling educational institutions to transform into virtual and knowledge campus. It is taking administration, information, communication and collaboration in institutions to a whole new world.

We are a pioneer in Energy Optimization & Management Solutions. MDAD-777 is state-of-the-art Energy Meter Data Monitoring and Alarming Device, with its innovative feature of instant analysis of meter data and generating alarm is first of its kind in the market.

We have designed reputed solutions in Automation Solution Management. The “Walkby” automated solution integrated with mobile applications providing the most timely alerts wherever you are, enabling your devices and home are safe and fully secured.

Bridgegap Solutions can be a strategic partner with you by making available a suite of best solutions & services in a most cost effective manner in the following areas;



We are here to build a relationship with the motto of “Bridging the vital Gaps with most Innovative Solutions” … an experience that will
enrich our engagement thus helping you to reach your destination.